Massive Attack and collaborate to manage the band’s carbon footprint:

Massive Attack take the Carbon emissions associated with touring very seriously. The band knows they are directly responsible not only for the emissions associated with their own logistics but also those of the fans that attend their events. To tackle the issue the band has collaborated with and Co2 Balance, to calculate and offset all emissions associated with their tours since 2016.

The band will now off-set these emissions by investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions and deliver social impact in Africa and beyond.

The next stage of the collaboration is to build the most accurate, easy to understand and dynamic carbon calculator giving a data trail that is clear and transparent; It will be embedded into a publicly available dashboard that, based on the output from the calculator, will provide recommendations on how the carbon offset payments can be invested.

The band is also working with DaysE and its associates to reduce their carbon footprint as the long term solution developing a low energy zero carbon production rig incorporating state of the art PA, solar and battery technology.

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