Splitting The Atom EP

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[[File:Splitting The Atom EP Massive Attack.jpg|300 px|right|thumb]]
[[File:Splitting The Atom EP Massive Attack.jpg|500px|right]]
Released 05/10/09:   
Released 05/10/09:   

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Released 05/10/09:

  • 01. Splitting The Atom (feat. 3D, Daddy G, and Horace Andy)
  • 02. Pray For Rain (feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
  • 03. Bulletproof Love (Van Rivers / The Subliminal Kid Remix) (feat. Guy Garvey)
  • 04. Psyche (Flash Treatment) (feat. Martina Topley Bird)

Splitting The Atom film, directed by Baillie Walsh