Shara Nelson

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She is probably best known for providing the vocals on Unfinished Sympathy which has been widely critically acclaimed, notably in polls produced by MTV2, NME, and various other magazines and reviewers. A reviewer for the BBC has said that: "More than a decade after its release it remains one of the most moving pieces of dance music ever, able to soften hearts and excite minds just as keenly as a ballad by Burt Bacharach or a melody by Paul McCartney."

Shara released her debut solo single simply under the name "Shara" entitled Can't Get Over You in 1986, produced by Lindel Lewis. In the late 80's she worked with Jah Wobble, Adrian Sherwood and most prominently The Wild Bunch (who would later become Massive Attack).

She decided to discontinue working with the band after the Blue Lines album. However, Shara did record one song for the band's second album Protection, given the title Matter of Time before leaving the band.