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[[File:Protection LP Massive Attack.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Protection]]
[[File:Protection LP Massive Attack.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Protection]]
'''Protection''' (1994) is [[Massive Attack]]'s second album.
'''Protection''' (1994) is '''[[Massive Attack]]''''s second album.
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#"Sly" <small>(Vowles, Del Naja/Marshall/Hooper/Suwoton/Goldman)</small> – 5:24
#"Sly" <small>(Vowles, Del Naja/Marshall/Hooper/Suwoton/Goldman)</small> – 5:24
#"Heat Miser" <small>(Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Hooper/de Vries)</small> – 3:39
#"Heat Miser" <small>(Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Hooper/de Vries)</small> – 3:39
#"Light My Fire" (live) <small>([[The Doors]] Cover)</small> – 3:15
#"Light My Fire" (live) <small>(The Doors)</small> – 3:15

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Protection (1994) is Massive Attack's second album.


Protection was featured in the top ten of Rolling Stone magazine's 'Coolest Albums of All Time List,' calling it "great music for when you're driving around a city at 4 am," due to the chill out nature of the album. Like most of Massive Attack's albums, the music often defies categorisation, ranging from Rhythm and Blues (title track, Sly) to Hip Hop /rap (Karmacoma, Eurochild) to Reggae-tinged synthpop (Spying Glass) to classical-influenced electronica instrumentals (Weather Storm, Heat Miser). This album in particular has a heavy use of string instruments (or at least synthesizers imitating string instruments) compared to other Massive Attack albums, although certain tracks before and after have featured strings, like Unfinished Sympathy and Live With Me.

The track Karmacoma featured vocals from Tricky, and the video was directed by Jonathan Glazer. The song also features a sample from the track Dream Time in Lake Jackson by The KLF, which can be found 2 minutes in.

DJ Mad Professor remixed the album in 1995 under the name No Protection.

Track listing

  1. "Protection" (Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Thorn) – 7:51
  2. "Karmacoma" (Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Tricky/Norfolk/Locke) – 5:16
  3. "Three" (Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Hooper/Suwoton) – 3:49
  4. "Weather Storm" (Vowles / Del Naja / Marshall / Hooper / Armstrong / Harmon / Napoleon /Lloyd /Murray) – 4:59
  5. "Spying Glass" (Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Hooper/Andy) – 5:20
  6. "Better Things" (Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Thorn/Watt/Brown) – 4:13
  7. "Eurochild" (Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Tricky/Norfolk/Locke) – 5:11
  8. "Sly" (Vowles, Del Naja/Marshall/Hooper/Suwoton/Goldman) – 5:24
  9. "Heat Miser" (Vowles/Del Naja/Marshall/Hooper/de Vries) – 3:39
  10. "Light My Fire" (live) (The Doors) – 3:15


  • Massive Attack - Producer, Mixing, Programming, Artwork
  • Nellee Hooper - Producer, Mixing
  • Marius De Vries, Andy Wright, The Insects, Nick Warren - Programming
  • Robert Del Naja (3D), Grant Marshall (Daddy G), Tricky, Tracey Thorn, Horace Andy, Nicolette - Vocals
  • Craig Armstrong - Piano
  • Chester Kamen - Guitar
  • Rob Merril - Drums
  • Mark "Spike" Stent - Mix Engineer
  • Jim Abiss - Mix Engineer
  • Jeremy "Jim Bob" Wheatley - Additional Engineering
  • Al Stone - Additional Engineering
  • Mike Marsh - Mastering
  • Michael-Nash Assoc. - Artwork
  • Matthew Donaldson, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Eddie Monsoon - Photography