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[http://massiveattack.com/blog/2010/01/26/heligoland-artwork-blog-by-tom-h/ <b>Heligoland</b> artwork blog by Tom H]
[http://massiveattack.com/blog/2010/01/26/heligoland-artwork-blog-by-tom-h/ <b>Heligoland</b> artwork blog]
[[File:Robert artwork.jpg|400px|left|thumb|Robert inspecting <b>Heligoland</b> artwork ideas]]
[[File:Robert artwork.jpg|400px|left|thumb|Robert inspecting <b>Heligoland</b> artwork ideas]]

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Heligoland is Massive Attack's fifth official studio album, due to be released on 8th February 2010 (available to pre-order here).

The tracklisting will be:

The iTunes Deluxe Version features six extra tracks:

Five of these tracks (and Gui Borratto's dub of Paradise Circus) were made available to Facebook users a couple of weeks before Heligoland's release.

The sleeve artwork was created by Robert and designed with Tom H (who has worked on all Massive Attack artwork since Mezzanine).

The first material from Heligoland to be released was the Splitting The Atom EP which, alongside the title track and Pray For Rain, included remixes of Flat Of The Blade (entitled Bulletproof Love) and Psyche.

Heligoland artwork blog

Robert inspecting Heligoland artwork ideas