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Elizabeth Fraser (born 29 August 1963) is a Scottish singer, best known for her vocal work as the Cocteau Twins' lead singer, who were active between 1981 to 1998.

During the years of working as part of Cocteau Twins, Fraser also collaborated with numerous artists, appearing on 4AD house band This Mortal Coil's first release and providing one-off vocals for acts such as Felt, Orbital and Ian McCulloch.

In 1998, Fraser collaborated with Massive Attack on Teardrop, Black Milk and Group Four from the album Mezzanine. She toured extensively with the band, last performing with them in 2006 (also appearing on that year's Collected with the track Silent Spring.

In November 2009 it was announced that Fraser was releasing a solo single, Moses, recorded some time ago with her partner (and Massive Attack's drummer) Damon Reece. In an interview with The Guardian from the same month, Fraser says that she and Reece have made "what might become an album".

Liz Fraser interview with The Guardian